liquid filtration

When you think of liquid filtration instantly water filters come to mind. Filtering is the process that separates solids from the liquid through some type of means. In the case of water filtering one or a combination of the following will do the trick: screen or sieve, activated charcoal, or ion exchange resin is the industry standards. Different types of filters are whole house or point of entry, on demand (water is filtered at your faucet, refrigerator water dispenser, or at your washing machine fill) and water pitcher filters. How to determine what you need for your home depends on the potential contaminates it may contain. Cost also is a determining factor.

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Whole House water filtration

This process is also called Point of Entry or POE. The system is usually connected at the water line that comes off of your water meter. This enables a complete purification throughout the household water supply. If you live in a region that has hard water, this is a great way to go since a water softener can be added to the purifier system. That will enable your: pipes, washing machine, shower heads, toilet, and faucets to have a longer life since calcium build up from the hard water can be treated with the POE system.

On demand water filtering

Your refrigerator is the perfect example of on demand filtered water. When you press the button it comes out clean and clear. Replacing the filter every 6 months is recommended. Not replacing your filter when needed can interfere with your refrigerator's operation. Most refrigerators have an alarm that will beep or a light will flash when it is time to change the filter. Portable water filters can be mounted to your faucet or under your sink, these can be a 2-stage filter that filters, or a 3-stage filter that removes physical contaminants, and treats the water with ion exchange resin as well as reverse osmosis giving you a clean pure glass of water. The filter size is about the size of a liter bottle of soda this system is wall mounted. In-line water filters are very easy to install. They are about the size of a 20oz. can of soda and the connectors are on both ends. A section of your water pipe is cut out and replaced with a flexible water line that connects on each end of this filter with a clamp.

Water Pitcher Filters

The most common filter everyone recognizes is the water pitcher with the immersed filter. There are many variations to this type of filter that includes water bottles or beverage cold cups with built in filters. These filters are based on activated carbon.

The size of your family may help you decide which system is a good fit for you. A smaller family may choose in on demand and water pitcher filters. But it is safe to say liquid filtration is your home is an investment in your health.